Among the best match online dating pertaining to well-informed single men and women

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‘Tinder’, ‘Lovoo’, ‘Jaumo’ or ‘Badoo’ – dating apps are booming, because the ubiquity of the Internet has made online dating widespread and socially acceptable. “We met online” is no longer a reason to fall into embarrassed silence or to change the subject. The turnover of dating exchanges has risen massively in the three-digit million range since 2003. Reason enough to take a closer look at the scene.


Tinder has finally come out with the language: In a message, the creators of the app are now revealing the criteria according to which other users of the app will be suggested. If you stick to the rules, you can maximize your chances of a match.


The great love on Tinder? For two experts this is an almost impossible undertaking. Swiping is more like a superficial game that does not offer sufficient breeding ground for initiating long-term relationships. Regardless of this, the number of users of the dating app continues to grow.

Apple products are said to have style. Whether this is due to the Bauhaus-inspired design, their increased presence in the creative industry or the high price and skillful marketing, opinions differ. Whatever, according to a survey, it even rubs off on users.

Tinder is currently testing a function with ‘Swipe Surge’ that will inform you with a push notification when the bear is going on on the app. It should recognize increased activity of users in the area and thus increase your chances of getting a suitable match.


Both swipe to the right and you can start chatting? So far this is still the case with Tinder, but maybe not for long. The company is currently testing a new function that allows users to reserve the first step (i.e. the first contact after a match).

‘Facebook Dating’, the Tinder version of the social network, is currently undergoing a user test in Colombia. The function is integrated into the mobile app and allows users to come into direct contact with potential partners without swipes and matches.


The dating app Tinder introduces a new function with the ‘Top Picks’. Members of a paid Gold subscription are served a selection of potential top matches that is updated daily based on search behavior and profile information. A new incentive for the chargeable comfort functions and hope for glowing fingers that are already quite numb from swiping a lot.

As a rule, you don’t have many options to present yourself in the best possible way on dating or job portals. But a lot can be achieved with the right profile picture and a crisp bio alone. In a short guide we reveal how you can increase your chances with little effort.

In order to understand what the individual apps and websites are actually about, it is worth taking a brief overview: What is actually hidden behind the many different terms in the dating world?

A brief overview of sales in the various market segments quickly shows which forms of dating are most popular: with 81.5 million euros, dating sites are clearly ahead, followed by adult dating with 46.9 million euros and social dating in third Place with 35.9 million euros in sales. A little behind, 24.1 million euros are still turned over with personals.

Many singles are now looking for happiness online – the chances are good!

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The market for dating apps is anything but saturated, rather manageable. And yet it has many users. How they are divided up, however, may surprise one or the other. The market leader on the smartphone is Lovoo, a German company that is now in US hands. Tinder only follows in second place. The only app of German origin is called FriendScout24 and is in third place.

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