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Am I ugly if I can’t get a match on Tinder? I was told I was nice, but after three weeks on Tinder, I just got one match.

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Am I ugly if I can’t get matches on Tinder? Because I have been told my pictures are nice, but I have been on Tinder for 3 weeks and only have 1 match.

Andrew Douglas (the author of this answer) works as a speed dating and attractiveness coach. To understand Tinder, he suggests creating two profiles:

A young man who looks like in the photo and has a few photos of his washboard abs in his profile. Write something average / boring on his profile so that his description doesn’t arouse special interests.

A woman who looks something like the next photo. And nothing really interesting is written into this profile either.

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How should I know if you are ugly just because you haven’t got a tinder match in 3 weeks or have “only achieved a tinder match”.

the actual question is a completely different one and this question is crucial for the feeling with which you wander through this world! you are not a victim! it’s in your own hands!

make up your mind, best now! you will be amazed how much this will turn your whole life into a positive one!

the real question is: IS THE GLASS HALF FULL OR SEMI-EMPTY ???

if you decide your glass is half full, you will be thanked shortly

Technology allows infinitely more people to come into contact than is ever possible in real life. So simply to claim that the technology offers no advantage is nonsense. The problem lies with the application of the technology by the users, where else? Online dating could work if women played the active part! In order to force women to do so, men would ALL have to behave passively: So, like women, limit themselves to creating their profile and then wait. Where they should be favorably differentiated from women

If you don’t get any hits on Tinder, it doesn’t mean you are not attractive, but rather that your profile is not well done and is not showing off your personality properly.

To make sure you get hits on Tinder, your profile should be well done, you want people to hit you right away.

First of all, you need to have good pictures, not blurry, not with other people and not too many shirtless pictures. You also want some variety in it so people won’t assume you are boring. Try bi

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Tinder can be great for a few men, but only for a few men. The average man has a hard time getting to know women through Tinder or other dating apps.

The reason for this is simple: there is hardly a single who has never tried Tinder.

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