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If we are continuously defending from this blog (from this company) the conservation and management of Heritage, I have to explain what the usefulness of Heritage is. Sometimes we take for granted certain aspects or terms that are actually very abstract. This is the case of Cultural Heritage. Some people may wonder what Cultural Heritage is, and it is therefore important to clarify terms. Having explained what we understand by Heritage, we are in a position to explain what it is for.

“It is absolutely useless”, “it is a dead man”, “a hindrance to urban development”, “an unnecessary expense that would well serve to invest it in other more important social issues”.

These are some of the phrases that I have heard throughout my career in my environment and at street level. And I don’t blame the people who say it or think it. I repeat that the effort to explain the Historical Heritage and promote its respect and value corresponds to us professionals. Therefore, my job is to convince you of the importance of Cultural Heritage.

Who has not boasted of a monument in their city, a square with great historical relevance, an archaeological site with the oldest remains of Iberian culture, a building where important events took place in history? All of us feel identified with our people, in one way or another. And Cultural Heritage serves as an anchor (or rather, a weather vane) of our past and our History, it allows us to feel part of it.

old buildings and all works of art, statues, squares, etc. corresponding to the Historical Heritage of the city. Would you feel that you are at home? Would you feel identified with the place where you were born, raised and developed a large part of your life? Absolutely not. The link with your space would disappear and, therefore, the feeling of belonging would not have any relevance.

Do you think it is not important? What is like changing your shirt or fashion? Think about the same situation at home now. Well, renovations and renovations are done, but what if we got rid of the photos, the “trophies” of your youth, your documents and the most important achievements you have made throughout your life? Would it still be your home? If it’s old, right? What do those photos or that “little treasure” that you have had since you were a child and remind you of your childhood? Think about how important certain objects and memories are that represent events from our past.

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