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4. But, what is even more serious, they propose a remedy in open conflict against justice, insofar as possessing something in private as one’s own is a right given to man by nature. Indeed, in this also the difference between man and the animal genus is great. The beasts, undoubtedly, do not govern themselves, but are governed by a double natural instinct, which already maintains in them the faculty to act and develops their forces in a timely manner, already provokes and determines, in turn, each one of their movements. One of these instincts drives them to preserve themselves and defend their own lives; the other, to the conservation of the species. Both things are achieved, however, easily with the use of things in immediate reach, and could certainly not go further, since they are moved only by the sense and by the perception of singular things. Quite another is, on the other hand, the nature of man. It comprises simultaneously the entire and perfect force of animal nature, being granted by this part, and certainly in no less degree than to the rest of the animals, the enjoyment of the goods of bodily things. Animal nature, however, no matter how high it may be, is so far from containing and encompassing human nature that it is far inferior to it and born to serve and obey it. What is accused and stands out in us, what gives man who is and distinguishes himself from beasts, is reason or intelligence. And for this reason that it is the only animal endowed with reason, it is necessary to grant man not only the use of goods, something common to all animals, but also to possess them with stable and permanent right, and both the goods that they are consumed with use as long as those that, despite the use made of them, last.

5. This stands out even more clearly when the nature of man is studied in itself. For man, encompassing innumerable things with his reason, linking and relating future things with present ones and being master of his actions, governs himself with the foresight of his intelligence, also subject to eternal law and under the power of God; Therefore, it is in your power to choose the things that you deem most convenient for your well-being, not only in terms of the present, but also for the future.

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