One of the better match online dating for well-informed singles

This gives you very good control over who is seeing your profile.

If it is important not to be recognized by friends and work colleagues, this one option alone justifies an upgrade to Tinder Plus.

Tinder Gold offers the same additional functions as Tinder Plus – with an extra: As a Tinder Gold subscriber you can see who has liked your own profile picture. With the “like you” function, when swiping the images, you immediately know with whom a match can come about. However, this predictability makes Tinder a little less exciting and exciting.

However, with Tinder Gold you can immediately increase your attractiveness for Tinder and thus the number of matches with a simple hack:

An upgrade from Tinder Plus to Tinder Gold is possible and costs € 5.00 or € 10.00 for older users.

Tinder Gold is worthwhile for those who want to push their Elo score and have more matches in a short time. The visibility of your own profile is increased. It also saves time to see immediately with whom a match can come about. But there is also less thrill and spontaneity. We are of the opinion that a Tinder Gold account is not absolutely necessary and recommend the plus version.

The displayed Tinder users are at best average or mostly even unattractive? Then your own Elo score is probably ruined. If a Tinder Gold subscription is out of the question, there is only one thing left: a complete fresh start. The account reset on Tinder requires some preliminary work, but the result is worth it, I promise!

Purchased boosts and super likes are lost. With “Restore” you can reactivate current Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscriptions. However, this does not apply to boosts and super likes.

If you want to protect your identity and prefer to decide for yourself which photos and songs will see future matches, you can also create new accounts especially for kids on Instagram and Spotify.

The more information and pictures you reveal, the higher the risk that other Tinder users will not like something at all. It would be a shame if a like fails on a small detail, although otherwise a lot might fit. After a successful match and several messages exchanged, people tend to overlook different musical tastes or differences in preferences for certain hobbies and clothing styles.

Actually, Tinder is considered an ego booster: View profiles, like and be liked and collect one match after the other. But staying in the app is not a pleasant experience for all Tinder users. A study at the University of Texas found that especially men’s self-esteem suffers when it comes to tindering. The girls shown don’t fit your league? Matches with attractive women are not possible? If there is no positive feedback or if there is no response to messages, it gives the ego a crack.

Conversely, neurobiological studies show that hardly anything activates our motivational system in the brain as strongly as social recognition. We crave attention. We want to be liked. The admiring gaze of a beautiful woman or the match at Tinder lead to a release of messenger substances that trigger feelings of happiness and joie de vivre. But how do you manage to get women excited about yourself in tindering? How do you make it clear to the girls that you are a really cool guy who is really worth dating? Especially if you’ve ruined your Elo score by clumsily swiping.

What about rip-offs among men? In fact, it is noticeable that men are very visible after registration and accordingly receive many matches, but this pleasant initial experience decreases after a good week. The reason for this is that the Tinder algorithm reduces its own profile again after this period. To get back on top, you have to buy expensive boosts or memberships.

The profile picture is decisive for Tinder success

The fact is: First and foremost, the profile picture determines the success at Tinder. The most important is clearly the first picture. If you want to get likes, you should post a portrait photo and make sure that your own face is easily recognizable. According to a study by the mathematician Christian Rudder, men are classified as particularly irresistible who do not look into the camera and do not smile. We claim the opposite: a smile and a direct look work like a door opener for women.

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