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This means that they are high-resolution photos and not pixelated cell phone photos.

Not only does this make you look better, it also gives you a direct impression of quality.

And let’s be honest: You would much rather write to women who have good photos in their profile than those on which they are barely recognizable, which are even pixelated or too dark and you first have to figure it out, what it actually looks like.

In order for you to come across really well, the photo has to be well lit. Now that doesn’t mean the photo has to be super bright.

It just means that the lighting has to be right. It has to create a certain flair and give the photo an expressiveness.

That means: really make sure that your photos are well lit and that you come into their own in them.

Pro tip: Soft (scattered, reflected) light makes you look better than direct light.

The best thing about online dating is when you have pictures that just show you.

No party photos with your bros or with your best friend to give the impression that you are particularly attractive to women.

Everything that distracts from you also distracts from the impact of yourself in this photo.

If you want to be expressive yourself, then be alone in your photo.

If you are still around with your best buddy, he or she draws attention and that can do a number of things.

For example, the woman may not know which of you you are.

It can also be that she thinks your buddy is cuter than herself and thinks:

“Well, if there are sweeter men, I’d rather like someone else than this guy.”

If you had a photo of yourself in there alone, she might have written back to you because she thinks you are cute.

But by directly comparing yourself by standing next to someone else, it can have negative effects.

Maybe your friend standing next to you looks worse than you.

And it may affect the woman in such a way that she thinks:

“Whoa, the guy wants to make a name for himself somehow.”

Just as it is very often the case with women that these mega-pretty model women have fat girlfriends because they feel even hornier next to them.

This is an important reason why you should really be alone in your photo.

Definitely with your first photo.

If after that there are photos of you where you are on vacation or doing any activities, that’s okay.

Maybe you are also an athlete and have a cool photo with you and your team.

Or you are a boxer and have a photo of your boxing match, then you can put it in.

Personally, I love black and white photos and often put black and white photos of myself on my online dating profile.

But also make sure that you always have a color photo.

In any case, you have to have a color photo in there so that the woman gets a realistic impression of you.

Otherwise you will have a date very quickly and the woman will first be surprised that you really look different than in your photos.

This can also happen if your photos look significantly better than you do in real life.

The photos shouldn’t make you look more beautiful, but exactly how you look in real life.

But of course from your best side.

Because if you have a cool date with the woman, she will see you at your best too.

What do you feel when you look at your own photos?

What do your friends say about the photo?

Now, that doesn’t mean that your photo has to touch you so deep that you burst into tears when you see yourself.

But just that it should trigger a feeling in you.

It may be that when you look at it, you think: “Wow, I look mega awesome in the photo!”

Or: “Somehow I have a stark expression on my face.”

Something that makes you think: This is a good photo, somehow I feel myself on it.

Look at the photo and see if you can feel yourself there.

If so, then it’s a good photo.

Also very important: only post photos in the online profile that you think are good at yourself.

Don’t post photos where you say, “I’m not sure, but all my friends say it’s awesome.

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