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Tinder mother Match Group buys anti-Tinder app

The Match Group, known for dating platforms like Tinder or, has bought a dating app again.

With the app of the same name, the company Hinge ranks 5th among the top-selling iPhone dating apps. Originally, the app had functions similar to Tinder, with one exception.

Tinder works like this: With a “swipe” to the right or left you express your interest or disinterest in a person. The only basis for the “swipe” are photos of the person and a short profile entry. If two people swipe each other to the right, it is a “match” and you have the option to send messages to each other.

The original Hinge app had a major exception in addition to the Tinder features. Registrations were only possible via Facebook. In addition, you were only shown people with whom you had at least one network on Facebook (friends of friends).

Two years ago, Hinge decided to escape the stream of Tinder and changed the product in large parts. The function of “matching” people with a “swipe” was omitted. Instead, much more detailed profiles were introduced. The target group of Hinge now differs from the classic Tinder target group: They are people who are interested in permanent relationships and want to take the whole dating process seriously.

The introduction of the new app had hit and made the company successful. The number of users had quadrupled, even though the app was no longer accessible for free. With a monthly fee between 5 and 13 dollars, you can use the app and get to know people.

The colossus of the dating universe is known to swallow up smaller independent businesses. Accordingly, the company’s portfolio has grown over the years. With Hinge, Match Group would close a gap in its portfolio, according to Match CEO Mandy Ginsberg. Hinge speaks to the young people who have learned to data on Tinder, but have now simply outgrown it.

Match Group took the first step to take over Hinge back in 2017 by taking a seat on the company’s board of directors.

Match is not only known for its dating portfolio, but also for a certain ruthlessness in the industry. In the past, Match had caused a stir with patent lawsuits against Bumble. Bumble responded without further ado with a counterclaim. The two successful dating service providers continue to wage war in court.

Now another rival could create a depressed mood. The dating industry was shaken after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that it was launching its own dating service. The Match share had its deepest fall, slipping 22 percent according to the announcement. In addition, at the same time, for data security reasons, Facebook had taken away apps like Hinge from accessing data from friends and friends via Facebook. This made the original use of the app impossible. Hinge reacted with the introduction of the new app and the possibility of registering by mobile number in order to bypass Facebook completely.

In the meantime, the match papers have been able to recover. In addition, Match CEO Ginsberg and Hinge founder Justin McLeod do not see too much danger in Facebook’s dating service. The target group of the two companies are young people, more precisely millennia. However, these would currently show a churn development from platforms such as Facebook and thus secure the future of Tinder and Co.

The latest mock-ups of the Facebook dating app have raised doubts about this security. Visually, the new dating service is supposed to be a copy of the hinge app. To be copied by a corporation and have no legal chance to take action against it would be death for smaller companies. Hinge founder McLeod sees this as a compliment: “It is obvious that people on Facebook used Hinge.”

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