Probably the greatest match online dating for knowledgeable men and women

‘It’s a match! You and Chloe Victoria Abigail love each other. ‘

The time that was sacrificed for swiping in the year and a half would add up to a fairly high probability of being able to learn perfect Icelandic, cobble together a Mitsubishi Carisma with your own hands or travel around the world. Nevertheless, in retrospect, the thoughts of seeing this time as pointless and wasted do not outweigh the odds. Like all non-demanding activities, swiping is an excellent way to switch off your head completely. At this moment, the focus is completely on the respective person. This process is perfected over time so that the superficial impressions are analyzed and processed within fractions of a second. Of course, the suspicion arises that it is visually dull in a certain way, since countless people are assessed over and over again within a very short time. This may apply up to a small percentage – but it shouldn’t lead to over-interpretation either. Even after thousands of thumbs to the right, people are not perceived differently on the street than they were before the Tinder era. Nevertheless: Anyone who disapproves of this type of mass processing and does not approve of it reaps understandable understanding.

A big annoyance are the fake profiles, which pop up in spurts and write the following heartbreaking message during a match: “Hey, I’m really bored and want to experience something exciting tonight. Do you have time tonight to have fun in bed with me? If you are interested and we are compatible with each other, then come and meet me … ”- followed by a link that can be clicked on without having a smartphone full of viruses afterwards or losing 100,000 euros. Most of the time, the fake profiles can already be recognized by very revealing pictures or exotic American names – after all, you tend to rarely meet people in Chemnitz or Leipzig who are called Amy, Stacy or Madison. If a match does happen “accidentally” despite the clear signs and the message in question appears, it is almost a duty to first report the fake profile as spam and only then to remove it. Acting in this context is felt to be almost sheriff-like. The conscience of having supposedly done a good deed and rescuing naive horny goats from a trap: priceless.

Is this person really interested?

Demystifying: The best place to swipe

Where is the perfect place to swipe a lap? In the evening, comfortably on the armchair with a cup of tea? At the blazing fireplace? In the bathtub? The answer to that is much easier and may offend some people: on the pot. While reading comics used to be on the agenda or the bravo nudes were thoroughly inspected, swiping is now the perfect way to pass the time. Of course, every now and then you catch yourself thinking that the other person might not like it, judging the appearance of this place. But at the latest with the next swipe, this thought is back in the depths of the toilet bowl. In general, the term “wipe” takes on a completely new meaning in this context.

One piece of information that can be found over and over again is body size. Here the desperation already reaches its climax when looking at the profile: Can something be less important in this life? As my grandmother did not say: “They are all the same size when lying down.” A very general statement that can mean both sexes.

Of course, it is an advantage if you are not 5.95 meters yourself and your potential sexual partner climbs into the ground. Everything else doesn’t matter! However, this assumption does not seem to be widespread, because often the height is even the only indication of the Tinder member.

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