Probably the greatest match online dating to get informed men and women

When French journalist Judith Duportail asked the company to release the data it had recorded on them, she was returned an 800-page tome. A hacker would have detailed background knowledge of the love life, sexual desires, mistakes and missteps of 50 million people around the world in one fell swoop. And not just on it: Tinder also saves information about likes given on Facebook, the pictures on Instagram and the songs from Spotify.

Tinder explains in its privacy policy: “While we take steps to protect your information, like all technology companies, we do not promise that your personal information will always be secure, and you shouldn’t expect it to be either.”

The good news: The private Facebook account is not a must for tindering. There are other options:

At least there is an advantage of the link with Facebook: The profile is automatically filled with photos, your own first name, age, occupation and location. Mutual friends and likes can also be viewed directly in the profile. There is also the option of posting an “About me” text. Not all users make use of it. A completed profile has a number of advantages: The Elo score increases. And the profile looks more interesting and real to other Tinder users. Anyone who connects the Instagram and Spotify services with the Tinder profile can present their photo collection and favorite songs. In the case of a match, this means plenty to talk about. More tips for designing the profile below in the Tinder tips.

In a match, men shouldn’t wait too long, but get active. Women expect the initiative to come from the man. If you let too much time pass, you signal a lack of interest (don’t forget: completely foregoing contact will have a negative effect on the Elo score and Tinder’s popularity will plummet. The company needs happy women!).

The first message should convince through creativity and wit. A simple “Hi”, “Hey”, “Hello”, “How are you”, “How are you?”, “What are you doing?” And similar empty phrases are not enough to get in touch. No conversations arise from this. If you want an answer to come, you should come up with something reasonably original. Women don’t like bores.

The Canadian Joe Bagel is successful on Tinder because he thinks up little poems around the name of his match partner. Allegedly up to 95% of the women contacted respond positively to this. Men who are not given this creativity can at least avoid standard mistakes:

In the basic version, Tinder is completely free. The app can be downloaded for free for iOS and Android. In most cases, the free version is more than enough for flirting and dating. At least still.

Tinder Plus includes some premium features that save time and bring your profile forward:

The cost of a Tinder Plus subscription is based on the age of the user. Membership is cheaper up to the age of 28. For longer terms of 6 or 12 months, both groups pay less.

Important: Depending on the payment service (Google Play), other prices may be possible, so we were reported of a price of € 19.99 (Tinder Plus over 28 years, 1 month term) instead of € 16.49.

Tinder Plus is definitely worth it for intensive users. The numerous additional functions make Tinder even more fun and ensure significantly more success in the form of matches, especially for men. The paid upgrade is also worthwhile for users who want to get to know other people in more distant places and are not averse to long-distance relationships. By moving your own location, you can quickly establish contacts all over the world. Due to the limitation to a radius of 160 km you won’t get very far with the basic version in this case, and the financial investment for Tinder Plus is within reasonable limits – at least for younger users.

For all users who do not want to be recognized by friends in the immediate vicinity because they may be a little embarrassed to search for a partner via Tinder, Tinder Plus offers a really ingenious option:

In the “My Tinder Plus” settings, you can choose to display the option “only people I like” to only those users who you swiped to the right yourself.

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