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The chirping of birds and early summer temperatures – all signs point to spring fever. The corona crisis is also bringing singles into an unprecedented emergency. Dates are falling due to the exit restrictions imposed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean “emotional quarantine”. But on the contrary! Because with a little ingenuity and flexibility, Mister and Misses Perfect bring a special breeze into the crisis. We dared the Corona Dating self-test and learned valuable lessons that we are happy to share with all singles. This much is clear: Fear and concern about temporary online dating are unfounded.

First things first. Positive mindset is everything! In contrast to soccer matches, Tinder matches can still take place despite Corona. Digital dating apps cannot replace real-life encounters, but they are a positive anchor in times like these. A little bit of confidence and originality can mutate us into a true romantic wonder whirlpool during Corona Dating.

Virtual flirting begins the classic way with a match, a tap or simply a message in one of the numerous dating apps. People like each other, write and meet. But stop! With corona dating, the meeting is suspended indefinitely. As a result, the second part of the flirtation chain suddenly takes on a completely different status. What was previously discussed over a glass of wine or a beer in the pub is now being shifted to virtual space. And this virt-flirtation has its advantages. Our tip: Respond to the other person, engage in deeper conversations than usual in the chat. And who knows … Maybe you can even make your flirt partner smile with a nice poem.

During our Corona Dating self-test, we found one thing pretty quickly: Such an extensive chat in an app can reveal a lot about the character of the other person. Much more than in the usual, often superficial chats before the first, real date. While classic “players” or “one-night daters” usually hide behind brisk, trained slogans and phrases in order to get to their (sex) date quickly, corona dating is about true “perseverance”. After all, the prospect of a physical adventure disappears completely for the time being. So you get involved with the person, the character. The real face-to-face date is a long way off. In times like these, feigned interest and thrashing phrases are unmasked much faster. So again a point that we can interpret positively.

It can also be romantic when your favorite pub around the corner has forcibly closed. A few simple steps transform your own four walls into the ideal environment for the first virtual date. Take a good glass of wine, a couple of candles and present yourself to the dating partner via Skype, WhatsApp video or Facetime. Those who prefer to write can pass the time for two with question-answer games to get to know each other in the chat. The perfect flirting soundtrack is provided by your favorite playlist on Deezer, which you can share with your chat partner. You quickly notice: Thanks to digitization, dating is not boring despite the corona crisis!

Sufficient bandwidth is required for Corona Dating to work properly. Because what’s the point of the nicest Skype session when lags keep breaking the connection? Therefore a stable internet is recommended. Even if you are young and don’t want to spend a lot of money, you can find cheap internet packages. If you need a new smartphone, Magenta currently has the best smartphone deals. Once the virtual connection is established, hopefully nothing stands in the way of connecting the souls! With this in mind: stay in love, stay connected.

Christian is enthusiastic about people and everything that connects them. Above all media, technology and music. My passion: Creating content pieces and music!

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